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My Ten Favourite Websites

This was a tough one… Her is ten of my favourite websites:

  • Google Besides having a very good search engine, Google offers many other services and products. E.g. GMail, Google Docs, Adsense, etc.
  • FileHippo A very good site for downloading software.
  • Tiny URL Just love shorter addresses.
  • DimDim A webconference facility. If under 20 participants, it is for FREE.
  • MediaFire Need online storage space? Unlimited? Don’t even have to be a member to upload.
  • GetJar A Good collection of software for cellphones.
  • Mozilla FireFox The best web browser out there.
  • S.A. Rugby Viva the Bokke! I love rugby!
  • WordPress The best blog site!
  • FaceBook Yep I’m a Facebook additct, my favourite social network out there.

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My Ten Favourite Programmes

I received an e-mail asking me what is my top 10 favourite programmes and websites. The actual list of software is 2 pages long, so here are the ones I picked:

  • Mozilla Firefox Definite the best browser out there!!! A lot of add-ons available.
  • CCleaner formerly known as CrapCleaner. This utility software program removes temp files, clear browser cache, etc. It runs quite fast.
  • Real Player Definite one of my favourite music players, even have a built-in download manager for Flash Video files (like the movies on youTube).
  • Paint.NET Definite the best photo/graphics editing software out there that is for FREE!
  • Alcohol 120 CD/DVD backup, emulation, etc. An alternative is ImgBurn which is a lightweight burner even for HD DVD and Blue-Ray.
  • DVD Decrypter A pity that this was shut down, still one of my favourite programs to backup my encrypted DVD’s.
  • McAfee Avert Stinger This program worms and trojans, and removes it from your drive(s). I like it much more than MS Windows malware remover.
  • Shicola’s CodePad There are different alternatives for MS Notepad, but this one I use regularly for coding snippets.
  • Age of the Empires Play time, even have the first one. My favourite nation is in Age of the Empires II – The Byzantines.
  • Red Alert The original game was the one of the first PC Games I’ve owned. I loved the way this game has evolved. One of the best games out there.

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Die Verskillende Profiele van Super 14 Supporters in SA

1. Die Bulls Supporter

a. Persoonlikheid

Jy, as die gemiddelde Bloubul ondersteunder, se IK verskyn agter op die rug van jul kaptein se trui. Saterdae, vir 80 minute lank, roteer een breinsel tussen jou en die 70 000 ander soos jy. “Liefling” en “Bloubul” was vooraf in jou memory chip geprogrameer. Jy ry waarskynlik ‘n 4X4, dra “two-tone” hemde, PT-broeke en rugbykouse. Jou selfoon is waarskynlik groter as jou tottie, maar beslis kleiner as jou snor. Jou bek is die grootste op enige “party”.

b. Gunsteling voertuig

Enigiets wat duurder as jou buurman s’n is. Waarskynlik ‘n Prado, Mercedes of Audi.

c. Gunsteling Dop

Brannas en Castle, want dit maak jou dapper genoeg om jou vrou by die huis te gaan probeer bliksem nadat jou span (alweer) verloor het.

2. Sharks

a. Persoonlikheid

Jy is ‘n undercover moffie al het jy ‘n vrou en tien kinders. Jou vrou is heel moontlik ook queer of alternatiewelik ‘n “sex change”. Jy dra Raybans en fokken lelike klere. Jy het vasgesteek by Bob Marley en rook steeds boom saam met jou oupa.

b. Gunsteling voertuig

Onder die dekmantel van “karre is wêreldsgoed” ry jy alles wat kak is omdat jy niks beter kan bekostig nie.

c. Gunsteling Dop

Enigiets wat jy verniet kan kry. Sedert die einde van Lion Ale is jy basies gefok!

3. Cheetahs

a. Persoonlikheid

Jy gee die konsep “oningelig” ‘n heeltemal nuwe betekenis. Besoekers aan Bloemfontein beland elke keer by die Ford-garage wanneer hulle verwysings vra na die naaste Escort Agency! Die enigste ding platter as jou provinsie se vlaktes is jou kop. Die feit dat jy nog altyd dink dat die “stock exchange” vendusie-krale is, is bewys hiervan.

b. Gunsteling Voertuig

Enigiets wat met diesel werk. Jy is diesel-befok. Selfs jou dogter se nuwe vibrator is diesel-aangedrewe.

c. Gunsteling Dop

Shooters. Enige shooters. Vandat jou seun op Tukkies studeer het shooters veld gewen in jou provinsie.

4. Stormers

a. Persoonlikheid

Die enigste organisme meer arrogant as jy, word nog ontwikkel. Jy verkeer skynbaar onder die indruk dat alle lede van homo sapiens moerse beïndruk is met ‘n platberg, suurwyn en vrot snoek. Jou “laidback” lewensstyl is jou verskoning om luigatgeit te regverdig. Jou idée van “foreplay” is ‘n losskrum.

b. Gunsteling Voertuig

Iets met wiele en verkieslik rónde wiele.

c. Gunsteling Dop

Met die koms van Tik is dop nie meer belangrik nie, maar op die fly sal waarskynlik ‘n paar mondevol bloutrein bitter moeilik kan weerstaan.

5. Lions

a. Persoonlikheid

Jou oumagrootjie was die eerste prostituut op die Johannesburgse goudvelde. Jy gaan kyk net rugby op Ellispark as jou span wen. Ellispark is dus ‘n uiters vreemde planeet vir jou. Anders as ander spanne se ondersteuners moer jy jou vrou wanneer jou span wen. Dus is jou uitgebreide familie reeds vyf geslagte sonder vroueslaners

b. Gunsteling Voertuig

Enigiets wat maklik gesteel kan word.

c. Gunsteling Dop

Vodka, Black Label en Cutex-remover.

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Demistify Cookies in Javascript Coding

Firstly, what is a cookie?

Cookies has been invented by Netscape. It used to remember stuff.  It saves certain settings, etc., because the web server can not do it on its own. So when you request a certain page and the cookie is saved, the server can use the cookie to recall these settings, etc.

How does a cookie work?

A cookie is a small text file saved by your browser.

It contains some of the following data:

  1. A name-value that contains the actual data.
  2. An expiry date.
  3. The full  path to the server, incl. the domain, where it get sends to.

So everytime you request a page from a server to which the cookie must be send to, it is added to the HTTP header. Server side programs can then access this info. Luckily nowadays you can also manage the cookies and be able to delete it from “bad sites”.


Each cookie has a name-value that contains the actual data/information. With your scripts you can search for the values and retrieve the data.

Expirty Date

Each cookie has an exprity date after it will become absolute. If you don’t specify an expiry date it will be erased after the browser is closed. It should be in the Greenwich (UCT) format created by the Date.toGMTString() method.

Domain and Path

The domain tells the browser to which domain the cookie should be sent to. If you don’t specify it, it becomes the domain of the page that sets the cookie. The domain also allows cookies to access sub-domains.  The path is the directory in which the cookie will be active in.

Javascript & Cookies

Cookies can be created, read and erased by JavaScript.

Create a cookie

document.cookie =  mycookie1=testcookie; expires=Thu, 2 Aug 2001 20:47:11 UTC; path=/

The syntax:

  1. The name-value pair (mycookie1=testcookie)
  2. Then a semicolon and a space
  3. Then the expiry date in the correct format (expires= Mon, 2 Mar 2009 16:22:13 UTC)
  4. Then a semicolon and a space
  5. Then the path (path=/)

Do not change the syntax!

Read a cookie

To be able to read a cookie the document.cookie value must be treated as a string value.  You will search for the cookie name and the value. I will explain this a bit later on with the scripts.

Erase a cookie

This is quite simple. You set the expiry date to a date in the past.

The Three Scripts

function createCookie(name,value,days) {
if (days) {
var date = new Date();
var expires = “; expires=”+date.toGMTString();
else var expires = “”;
document.cookie = name+”=”+value+expires+”; path=/”;

function readCookie(name) {
var nameOfCookie = name + “=”;
var cookieArray = document.cookie.split(‘;’);
for(var i=0;i < cookieArray.length;i++) {
var c = cookieArray[i];
while (c.charAt(0)==’ ‘) c = c.substring(1,c.length);
if (c.indexOf(nameOfCookie) == 0) return c.substring(nameOfCookie.length,c.length);
return null;

function eraseCookie(name) {

Explaining the scripts


In this case you use 3 parameters:

  1. The name of the cookie
  2. The value of the cookie
  3. The number of days the cookie will be active

Inside the function, it get’s the current date  and add the number of days to it and set the value to it. This is in milliseconds.

Then it sets the value of expires to this value in the GMT format required by cookies.

Note: If the value of 0 (zero) is passed as the number of days the cookie will expire when the browser is closed.
It also sets the name and value of the cookie.
Finally it writes the cookie.


The only parameter here is name – the name of the cookie. It will checks that it contains a value and if it doesn’t it will return a null value which are going to upset the rest of the function.

Variable nameOfCookie is going to search for the name of the cookie, followed by an =

The variable cookieArray is an array containing all cookies that are set for this domain and path. Note on document.cookie.split(‘;’) – Remember in the syntax the semicolon is used between the name-value, expiry date and domain & path.

Then it goes through all the cookies and sets the variable ‘c’ for the cookie to be checked. If the first character is a space it removes it by using the substring function to remove it and eventually we get to the name of the cookie.

If it has found the cookie ‘if (c.indexOf(nameOfCookie) == 0)’  it will return the value of the cookie ‘return c.substring(nameOfCookie.length,c.length)’.

If it has gone trhough all the cookies but could not find it , the function will return a null value.

Mission accompished!


Only parameter here is the name of the cookie.

This function calls create a cookie but set the date to one day ago. The browser sees that the cookie has expired and discard it.

BTW, my favourite cookie is a lot of the choc-chip cookie!!! 🙂

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I Hate Internet Explorer Viva Firefox

My favourite browser is Mozilla Firefox and I am devoted user of it like a lot of you.

So what now, there are certain sites that won’t except Firefox, e.g. the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) , not to mention Windows Update.

The solution: Install the IE Tab Add-on.

Long Live Firefox!

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Windows doesn’t show my hidden folders

You have a problem that you can’t see hidden files or folders in Windows. Also Windows doesn’t allow you to turn the setting on.

The problem is your computer, flash-drive, memory stick, USB stick or whatever you call it has been infected with malware.

The easy way to solve it is with Flash Disinfector.

How does Flash Disinfector work:

  1. Download it – Available here or search the web for it.
  2. Open the file and follow the prompts.
  3. Your desktop may vanish for awhile but it will appear back to normal.
  4. Wait until the scan is finished and quit Flash Disinfector.

Remember this tool does not remove all autorun.inf viruses or/and malware!!!

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