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My Ten Favourite Programmes

I received an e-mail asking me what is my top 10 favourite programmes and websites. The actual list of software is 2 pages long, so here are the ones I picked:

  • Mozilla Firefox Definite the best browser out there!!! A lot of add-ons available.
  • CCleaner formerly known as CrapCleaner. This utility software program removes temp files, clear browser cache, etc. It runs quite fast.
  • Real Player Definite one of my favourite music players, even have a built-in download manager for Flash Video files (like the movies on youTube).
  • Paint.NET Definite the best photo/graphics editing software out there that is for FREE!
  • Alcohol 120 CD/DVD backup, emulation, etc. An alternative is ImgBurn which is a lightweight burner even for HD DVD and Blue-Ray.
  • DVD Decrypter A pity that this was shut down, still one of my favourite programs to backup my encrypted DVD’s.
  • McAfee Avert Stinger This program worms and trojans, and removes it from your drive(s). I like it much more than MS Windows malware remover.
  • Shicola’s CodePad There are different alternatives for MS Notepad, but this one I use regularly for coding snippets.
  • Age of the Empires Play time, even have the first one. My favourite nation is in Age of the Empires II – The Byzantines.
  • Red Alert The original game was the one of the first PC Games I’ve owned. I loved the way this game has evolved. One of the best games out there.

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