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.NET & MySQL Part 2

Install MySQL Server on Windows XP

Download guide here (PDF)
On the MySQL download page click on “Pick a mirror” for the latest Windows (x86) version (107.4MB). Registering is optional, so just click No thanks, just take me to the downloads! Select a mirror to start downloading.
Version: 5.1.32
File Name: mysql-5.1.32-win32.msi
Download Location:

  1. Run mysql-5.1.32-win32.msi and wait.
  2. Click Next >
  3. Select Typical, and then click Next >
  4. Click Install
  5. Wait
  6. Click Next >
  7. Click Next >
  8. Leave Configure the MySQL Server now option checked. Click Finish.
  9. Click Next >
  10. Select Standard Configuration and then click Next >
  11. Leave Install As Windows Service option checked.
    Leave Launch the MySQL Server automatically option checked
    Also check Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH option and click Next >
  12. Leave Modify Security Setting option checked
    Leave Create An Anonymous Account option UNCHECKED.
    Enter a root password. Make sure to remember this password. Click Next >
  13. Click Execute
  14. Click Finish
  15. Open command prompt & type in the following command:
    mysqlshow -u root –p
    Enter the password you supplied earlier. You should see something similar like this figure.

In the next post in this series, we will have a more in-depth look on how to configure PHP to work with Microsoft IIS – Internet Information Server 5.1.

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.NET & MySQL Part 1 A list of software required as well as optional software that can be used.

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