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MS Word 2007 Equations


In this tutorial we will have a look how you can:
Insert, write and save an equation in Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Insert or Write an Equation

There are 2 ways in MS Word how you can insert an equation:

  1. Choose from the existing list
  2. Insert or type symbols

Path: Insert Tab, Symbols Group, Equation

Choose from the existing preformatted list
On the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the arrow next to Equations, and select one of the saved equations from the list.

Insert or type symbols
On the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the arrow next to Equations, and select Insert New Equations.
It will open a blank equation box Equation Box for you in which you can type or insert a mathematical structure or symbols from the Design tab.
Equations Design Tab
Note: You can edit the equation, even if you chose a predefined structure/equation.
If the structure contains placeholders, click in the placeholders and type the numbers or symbols that you want. Equation placeholders are small, dotted boxes in an equation.

How to save your equation.

  1. You can select the equation you want to add.
  2. From the dialog box click on the Options (the down arrow to the right of the box)
  3. Equation Options

  4. Select Save as New Equation…
  5. In the Create New Building Block dialog box, type a name for the equation.
  6. Create New Building Blocks

  7. In the Gallery list, click Equations.
  8. Select any other options that you want.
  9. Click OK

You can replace Steps 2 and 3 by:
Click on the Insert tab, click on the arrow next to Equations, and select Save Selection to Equation Gallery


If you have the need for this, you can create your own library of equations. Especially useful for Maths and Science formulas.


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