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Firefox, Screengrab and Save Google Maps


Screengrab is a Firefox add-in that captures (save or copy) anything in the Firefox browser as a picture. You can save an entire page, what is visible or select what you want to save. In this example we are going to save a Google map as an image.

Install Stronggrab

  1. To install go here
  2. Select Add to Firefox
  3. Select Install
  4. Select Restart Firefox
  5. Select Screengrab Options to specify whether you want to save it as .png or .jpeg
  6. Close the Add-ons window
  7. At the bottom right of the browser you will see an icon for Screengrab

Try It – Save large Google maps

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Open a map of the location you want
  3. Zoom in and out for the purpose you want the map for
  4. Select "link" at the top right of the map display
  5. Select "Customize and preview embedded map"in the pop-up window
  6. Google map Link

  7. Select "Custom"
  8. Specify the width and height you want
  9. Google map Custom size

  10. Scroll down and copy the html code
  11. Google map HTML Code

  12. Open your favourite text editor and paste the code in it
  13. Save the file in html format e.g. as maps.html
  14. Open this file in Firefox. Once loaded you will see the map in the size specified in Step 7.
  15. Click on the Screengrab icon at the bottom right of Firefox window
  16. Select Save > Complete Page/Frame…
  17. Screengrab

  18. A Save screenshot as… dialog box will appear soon. Save the image as JPG or PNG.


That’s it! The map is save.


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  1. Nice Procedure to get google maps
    Thank you very much.

    Comment by MANOJ | 17 February 2010 | Reply

    • Don’t you just love Google, glad it is useful for you.

      Comment by zellis | 18 February 2010 | Reply

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