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PXE-E61 Error

The Pxe-E61 Error can be two-fold.

Scenario 1
You get the error, but your system boots up as normal.
This occur due to LAN (Local Area Network) booting being enabled in the BIOS. Your system is trying to boot from the LAN. Go into your BIOS (usually press F2 or Delete) and disable Booting via Lan (Ethernet)
This is just a nuisance error.

Scenario 2
You get the error, and your system reports "No bootable device — Insert boot disk and press any key"
This is more of an intermediate problem, there can be a few things here that can be wrong:

  • Check the Cables, can be loose or damaged.
  • Check the BIOS settings and try detect the HDD (Hard Disk Drive).
  • Not common, but the master and slave settings can be incorrect.
  • The HDD is faulty.

If it is the latter one, hope you have backups.


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