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GMail Labels/Folders and Sub-Labels/Folders

By default GMail don’t allow you to create sub-labels(folders). This short tutorial, will show you how to do it if you are using FireFox. At the end there is a link where you can read how to do it for some of the other available browsers.

Get the latest Firefox here.

Install the following add-on Better GMail2 by Gina Trapani.

Restart Firefox
From the Menu, select Tools | Add-ons.
Add-ons Dialog Box

Select Better Gmail2

Click the Options command button

Select Sidebar Tab.
Enable Folders4Gmail check box.
Better Gmail 2 - Sidebar

Click OK.
Close Add-ons Screen.

Log into Gmail
Select Manage Labels from the left pane or Settings | Labels.
GMail Manage Labels

Type e.g. mail/bob, where mail will be the main label(folder), and bob the sub-label(folder) in the "Create label here" text box.
Create Label
Select the Create command button.

In the left pane the folders and sub-folders will be visible.
Sub-labels (Folders) view in Left Pane

Remember if you add more folders the syntax is: folderName/sub-folderName.

Now you can just select the messages from the inbox and move it to the mail/bob label(folder).

If you are not using Firefox look at Arend’s website to do it for Internet Explorer, Opera & Google Chrome. There are also instructions for Firefox.

Now you can organise your mail the way you want it!


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