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Access multiple Gmail accounts on one PC

There are several ways one can check multiple Gmail accounts from one pc. Here is my shortlist.

Use different web browsers
You can fire up several browsers, e.g. Firefox, Opera, Flock, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. But remember this will consume the computer’s resources.

Use IE Tab – Firefox Add-on.
This add-on embeds Internet Explorer inside Firefox. You can have e.g. one account open in a Normal Tab page and another in an IE Tab page.

Use Gmail Manager – Firefox add-on.
This enables you to configure different gmail accounts and receive notifications. After installation you will notice a shortcut in the statusbar of Firefox, where you can manage your accounts.

Use Notifier2.
This programs allows you to manage multiple e-mail accounts(besides GMail) and affiliate accounts as well. Read more at their website. It does require JRE (Java Runtime Environment), which most of us have already installed.

Althought there are CookiePie and CookieSwap as well, they are not compatible with the latest version of Firefox.

For sure that there are many more programs that can be added to the list. Feel free to leave a comment if you know of any other programs.


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