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Install XAMPP Lite on Windows

XAMPP lite is a server software and is perfect for testing a website offline, on your computer.
Download XAmpp Lite.
Note: XAMPP is for developers in a development environment.

  • Open the self-extracting archive.
    XAMPP Install
  • Click Install
    XAMP Install
  • Wait, until the command window opens.
    Desktop Shortcut: Type y and Press Enter.
  • Proceed: Type y and Press Enter.
  • Use Drive Letters: Since this is on a local computer, type y and Press Enter.
  • Wait… Press Enter.
    XAMPP Ready
  • Type the correct time zone and Press Enter. You can view PHP’s List of supported time zones here.
  • Launch the Control Panel and select Start next to Apache and MySQL.
    Control Panel
  • You should see that the services is running. You can select Admin to launch it in your web browser or enter the URL http://localhost/ in your browser
    XAMPP Control Panel
  • Once launched in your browser, select your preferred language.
    XAMPP Select Language
  • XAMPP is successfully installed on your computer.
    XAMPP for Windows

There are additional settings you can tweak.
The document directory is "C:\xampplite\htdocs"
Read more about XAMPP for Windows here.
Have Fun!


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