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South Africa is the 2nd country in the world to host Rugby, Soccer & Cricket World Cup


This is quite a "cool" fact 🙂
In order to blend in with the local crowd, learn how to sing along the S.A. National Anthem at the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010.
Well here is a list of all the hosts at the time of publishing this article:

Rugby World Cup Hosts:

1987: Australia and New Zealand
1991: England, Wales Scotland, Ireland and France
1995: South Africa
1999: Wales
2003: Australia
2007: France
2011: New Zealand
2015: England
2019: Japan

Cricket World Cup Hosts:

1975: England
1979: England
1983: England
1987: India and Pakistan
1992: Australia and New Zealand
1996: India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
1999: England
2003: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya
2007: West Indies
2011: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
2015: Australia and New Zealand
2019: England

Soccer World Cup Hosts:

1930: Uruguay
1934: Italy
1938: France
1950: Brazil
1954: Switzerland
1958: Sweden
1962: Chile
1966: England
1970: Mexico
1974: West Germany
1978: Argentina
1982: Spain
1986: Mexico
1990: Italy
1994: USA
1998: France
2002: South Korea and Japan
2006: Germany
2010: South Africa
2014: Brazil

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