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Sync Facebook Events With Google Calendar

In a few steps you see your Facebook Events in Google Calendar.

  1. After you log into Facebook, go to Facebook Events
    Facebook Events
  2. Click on Export Events and copy the URL (which you will use later). Keep the address of the URL to yourself!!!
    Export Events
  3. Log into Google Calendar.
    Google Calendar
  4. Click on Add, and then click on Add by URL
    Add calendar by URL
  5. Paste the URL you copied from Facebook and click Add Calendar
    Add calendar
  6. Esta bom, that’s it!
    You will see a notification at the top that it will be indexed by Google Calendar.
    The Facebook Events URL will appear under Other Calendars.
    Google Calendars


  • You can also add single events, one by one, by opening the Facebook Event, and copy the Export link for the event.
    Export Events

Now your Google calendar will update automatically every time you accept or decline an event in Facebook.

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