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Palindrome numbers in the date

Well my uncle has pointed out the palindrome number of yesterday’s date, 01/02/2010 backwards is the same. It has been a discussion for two days now. My brother Quintin, and cousin Derron think I am bored out of my find. But have to agree with me friend Andrea it is a cool fact, esta bom! That’s it!

Well using the astronomical calendar, which by the way has a year zero; here are the results on the algorithms used:

In the millennium of the year 0000 (zero):
Occurrences: 36 times
Starting at the year zero it occurred for the first time on 01/10/0110.
Here is a definite pattern. It occurs for 4 years consecutively and then skipped 96 years.
Happened the last time for this area on 31/10/0113

In the millennium of the year 1000 :
Occurrences: 61 times
It skipped 87 years Happened for the first time in this time frame on 10-01-1001. This time only consecutively for 3 years.
Skipped 6 years, (01/01/1010) and for this time consecutively for 4 years.
Then it skipped 6 years and happened consecutively for 3 years.
Then it skipped 7 years (05/11/1150) and happened consecutively for 3 years afterwards, until 29/11/1192

In the millennium of the year 2000 :
Occurrences: 60 times
This is in my life time 🙂
Skipped 808 years. (10/02/2001) and for this time consecutively for 2 years only.
Then it skipped 7 years and happened yesterday (01/02/2010). This time it is going to occur 3 years consecutively.
Will skip 7 years and occur for 3 years consecutively until 10/21/2101. Here it will skip 8 years and occur for 3 years consecutively
Then it will skip 6 years and occur for 4 years consecutively.
Then it will skip years and occur for 3 years consecutively.
Then it is back at skipping 7 years and occurring for 4 years consecutively until 29/12/2192.

In the millennium of the year 3000 :
Occurrences: 31 times
Skipped 808 years (10/03/3001) and blah, blah, blah…

In the millennium of the year 4000 :
Occurrences: 31 times
Skipped 908 years (10/03/3001) and blah, blah, blah…

It keeps on skipping 908 years for every millennium until 29/09/9092 then we estimate that it will skip 1017 years and occur again on 01/10/10110.

Download the csv file here.

My conclusion:
This is just cool things. If you use another date format or calendar this is totally obsolete. Another point that has been discussed and we don’t have the answers is: If an eclipse ellipse has 360 degrees, the earth rotate around the sun in a form of an eclipse ellipse, why do we have 365 ¼ days per year?

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From my pen today.

The rain outside is just lovely. Just what our fruit trees need. It will be the first year that the Apricot tree will bare fruit. The peaches are coming on lovely and the Lemon Tree got a new breeze of life in it. It’s definite going to survive.

I got my new blog, using WordPress of course, installed. Still thinking about a Title. Any ideas?
And the choice of widgets. Oh, there are so many widgets, and made a shortlist which ones to install.
Busy designing a theme for it. Making a theme is not really so difficult as I thought. It’s really going to look cool, but Internet Explorer is driving me crazy. Have to make a special style sheet for it.

Also the issue of CMS. Which one to use? Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla 1.5, Joomla, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, Siteframe, TYPO3, Xoops, Zikula? All these choices. Aye.

Well in between there is a post on robots coming up soon. Decided to test out Windows Live Writer. This post was published it. Quite a cool program for bloggers.

Have fun!

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Googlle – Happy Birthday Google

Google’s 11th birthday

Well maybe some of you have noticed that Google’s logo has two L’s today. The two L’s represent the number 11. It is Google’s 11th birthday today.

Happy Birthday Google!

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Seacom Broadband Experience Exhibition – My Opinion

Seacom announced that they are hosting the Broadband Experience exhibition 14-18 October 2009, Nelson Mandela Square – Sandton City.

Honestly folks this is how I feel:
They are taunting us. It’s like an item on display not for sale. What is the point of DATA at The Current Costs? I really do not understand our telecoms.
What is stopping Telkom, Neotel (if available in your area), Vodacom and MTN from just supplying the data at a lower cost?
Is the public going to be raped by first the terms and conditions, and then by the high prices and snail speeds… Even where a pigeon is faster than a computer download?
Until I see and feel the power of Seacom at the right price on my internet connection I do not believe anything.

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Taking a look at now and then

This must be one of the most exciting "ages" that we live in. I’m taking a look at technology. Yes I am a geek. So What?

The Super-Info Highway was drifting somewhere in outer space when I grew up.

In short:

I worked for the first time on a computer in 1987. With floppy, stiffy disks and tapes. With a choice of black and green or orange visual display unit (monitor). It had no hard disk.
Note in South Africa we call a 3½-inch floppy disk a stiffy disk.

My first computer was an Olivetti M290 with 2 X 10MB hard drive, 64K RAM, an 8-bit soundcard, 256 shades of gray on a 14 inch gray monitor… It was a beast we built it up out of 2 computers running on DOS and later upgraded to Windows 3.1. He-He…

SVGA Monitors and Wysiwig (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) blew my hair backwards. Was the next best thing besides sliced bread. An entire spreadsheet programme could fit on a HD stiffy disk (1.44MB). We also used a program FD-Format to have more storage space. Larry Suite Larry, Space Quest and Police Quest were my favourite games. Listened to MIDI files on the computer. The first programme I wrote was pages long. Used assembly language too with hex code flags and so on. Developed a database programme with COBOL, also a lot of pages. Will only need a few lines of coding to write the same programs with the tools available nowadays. The web and e-mail messages were plain text with dial-up networking 56K. Coax was used for networks. And then later on CAT5… Also CD-ROM’s made very nice coffee cup holders. My first cell phone was a Philips. The thing weighed a brick and I went WOW over a SMS.

Then we got the boom: Hyper threading, USB, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, Duel Processors, Blue-Ray, VOIP, Web-cams, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Fire wire, USB Flash Drives, And amazingly enough the stiffy survived. The Super-Info Highway arrived… Multimedia, Social Networking, Webucation, Webconferences, online bookings, shopping, just to name a few. Cellphones are now smart phones: MMS, e-mail, video, MP4, instant chat, Bluetooth, camera, modem (EDGE, HSPDA…), office programs, music, radio, games, GPS, clocks, PIM’s, mobile TV, Web, Video calling, fax, extra storage too, saw one with a small built-in torch too… We have cars nowadays that can park itself. Not even to mention the X-Box, Nintendo, Play station, PVR’s and so on.

I don’t think in the history of mankind on this planet we have ever seen such changes as we saw in the last decade. Where a cellphone is better than the first shuttle that went into outer space. One can write books about it and there are so much more tech changes that have not been even mentioned in this post. It just goes on and on and on…

StarTrek is here. But remember I.T. is not whether a machine can think, it is whether mankind can think.

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Excert from the e-mail I received from Philip.

“If something seems too good to be true, goes the old saying, it IS too good to be true. The new high-end in USB flash drives, the 32GB version, with enough capacity to back up most typical users’ entire data build-up, typically retails at anywhere from $75 to$150 in the USA, and around R1 000 to R2 000 in South Africa. But now you can pick one up for R350 ($40) or less, depending how close you get to the source. One small problem: while they look, feel and present themselves to your computer as 32GB drives, they are in fact 1GB drives, partitioned to mimic 32GB drives in every respect except how much data it can hold. ”

A large quantity of these fake flash drives first appeared on E-Bay and are now being sold in Johannesburg. Please ensure you deal only with reputable companies that you know well.

A Big thanks to Philip from Perkal Gifts to warn us about this!

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The South African Space Agency to be establish soon… in 2009?


The first time I heard about the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was back in 2006. According to various reports, it looks like if the ball is on the roll.

The South African National Space Agency Act, was signed in January 2009. This should result that S.A. can have its own Space Agency later this year.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) said "The agency would promote the peaceful use of outer space, foster research in astronomy, earth observation, communications, navigation and space physics, foster international cooperation in space-related activities, and advance scientific, engineering, and technological competencies through human capital development. The DST added that the agency must also facilitate the development of space missions, develop technology platforms, and acquire, assimilate, and disseminate space satellite data for any organ of state."

In addition SANSA will also implement the National Space Strategy, which has been approved by the cabinet in 2008. It is aspected that the agency will work along other institutions.

DST said, "Some of the projects it will co-ordinate include the Square Kilometre Array bid, the Southern African Large Telescope, and South Africa’s second indigenous satellite, SumbandilaSat."

The first step towards establishing the agency would be to appoint a board of 10 to 15 members, a CEO, and a chairperson who will be appointed by the Science and Technology Minister.


Well, the clock is ticking…

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