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Create Proffesional Looking Slideshows with MS Photo Story

We all have photos and with Photo Story 3 it is so easy to create a professional-looking slide-show, no matter what your level of experience.

Download it here.
Price: Free
Prerequisites: Windows XP , Windows Media Player 10, DirectX 9

Photo Story can hold up to 300 pictures, stored in a range of file formats such as BMP, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA and TIFF. Allows you to add effects, transitions, captions, narration to any or all of the slides. You can import music – MP3, WAV or WMA format or you can choose to create a custom music, to play along with your show.

Launch PhotoStory

  • Select Begin a new story.
    Begin New Story
  • Select Import Pictures and browse and select the pictures you want to use. Click OK.
    Repeat this step until you have all your pictures you want.
    Select Remove Black Borders, if necessary and Select which ones.
    Import Pics, Remove black borders
  • Click OK.
  • You can also Autocorrect Color Levels, Remove Redeye, Rotate the picture.
  • Select Next, to add captions and/or effects. In the captions it will allow you to format the font, and specify the text alignment. Effects you can choose a from a few presets (Black and White, Chalk and Charcoal, Coloured Pencil, , Diffuse Glow, Negative, Outline Black, Outline Grey, Sepia, Washout and Watercolor) to apply to your picture.
    Add Titles and/or Effects
  • Select Next, to add narration. Select the picture, click the record button, talk into the mic and stop when finished.
  • Select Customize Motion to adjust the start and beginning points. Save when finished with the pic.
    Start and End Positions
  • Select Next, to add or create music. With Add you choose an existing file, and with create there are a few options you can play around with.
    Add music
  • Select Next, to choose Save Options.
    You can save it to your computer, as an e-mail attached, Pocket PC or Smartphone with Windows Media 10, or Portable Media Center.
  • Select Next, Wait, Preview, Start or Exit.

When you finished with your Photo Story you can write it to CD, DVD. To create a VCD or DVD you will need software, e.g. Nero, that supports these formats.

You can watch the example I’ve compiled here.

Remember, at any time you can go back to your project, and edit it. Enjoy!

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