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Bing or Google it?

What is Bing? It is Microsoft’s new search engine. Formally code-named "Kumo", the new search tool replaces Microsoft’s Live Search. I’ve never been a fan of Live Search and if I used it 5 times it’s a lot.

Bing is definite a big improvement of Live search. It has big background picture or splash page that changes daily. On the top you have links for Web, Images, Videos, Shopping, News, Maps, More, MSN, Windows Live and so on. Under Extras, on the top right hand side, you will find Preferences, Blogs and Advertising. It displays sponsored links on the right hand side. Related searches on the left hand side, with Google you have to click the "Show Options" button to see the list. Search result is in the middle with. The rest of the searches the usual stuff (The use of the Boolean operators (OR, NOT, AND) within a search term. Search in a search within a specific site or domain. And so on…)

One feature that caught my eye is that Bing lets you take a quick peek before opening a link. If you hover with your mouse cursor over a search result you get a pop-up box where you can read a longer excerpt from the page without visiting the site.

When I search for something and find the answer, I’m content. I don’t understand the "The War of the Search Engines" and don’t care who is numero uno. Will I switch? Properbly not, Bing doesn’t give me a reason to switch.
Decide for yourself: Bing or Google

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