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File Storage, Sharing, Collaboration

There are several ways you can store, share, collaborate files online. The list is endless. Just Google, Bing, Yahoo it or whatever search engine you use, and the results are …

Before you choose a service, at least answer this:

  • Why do you want to store files online?
  • Is there a need for online collaboration?
  • Do you need to access the files offline?
  • Is purely for easy access, for yourself or to share with other users as well?

Depending on your needs here is a few Services you can look at using :

  • Google Docs
    Support documents, spreadsheets and presentations, online and offline, and collaboration.
    Read here about the file size limitations.
  • Google Desktop
    With Google Desktop you have the option to Search Across Computers. This option is turned off by default. All the computers must have Google Desktop installed. (Options | Preferences | Google Account Features)
    But there are some privacy concerns!
    You have some customisation options here to keep your data private.

    • Search Gmail – Disable!
    • Specify what the others can search: My other computers can search this computer’s…

    More Options (Options | Preferences | Desktop Search):

    • Specify Search Types
    • Specify Search Location – Do not search the following files, folders or web sites
    • Remove deleted items
    • Google Integration – Turn it off
    • Encrypt Index – Enable
    • Remove Deleted Files

    Read more here.

  • GMail Drive by
    With GMail Drive you can easily copy files to your Google Mail Account and retrieve them again. Remember you have to give Windows Explorer access to the web in your Firewall.
    After installation, GMail Drive will appear as an icon under My Computer, Right-click on the icon, Login. Now you just copy the files to the GMail Drive and it will be in your Gmail.
  • Gspace – Firefox Add-on
    This Firefox Add-on allows you to store a document on you Google Mail Account. After installation:
    Select Tools | GSpace
    Select Manage Accounts
    Fill in your information and close the dialog box
    Select Log-in
    Select the files you want to transfer and select the Upload button
  • Note:
    If you decide to use your Gmail account as storage (file send as message to your account) you have a few limitations:
    •Gmail doesn’t allow .exe files to be uploaded – of course you can rename the file extension and then upload.
    •File size is limited to 19MB

  • MediaFire
    This one is a personal favourite. Unlimited space for free! You are limited to 100MB per file for the free account. Check it out for yourself. You can specify whether or not you want to sign up (free or paid account). You have the option to make a folder and/or file private or public.
  • MS Windows Live SkyDrive
    If you have a Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox LIVE or Windows Live account just login to Windows Live and you have 25GB free storage. The same counts here as above. You can choose whether a file is personal, shared or public.
  • Microsoft Office Live
    Have 5GB storage space, and to my knowledge a 25MB file size limitation. Under correction in comparison with Google Docs only one person can work on a file per time. Only once that person is finished editing and saved it, it will be available to another person to edit.
  • USB Memory Stick
    Another personal favourite, just have to mention it.
  • DimDim Web conferencing
    Let you deliver synchronized live presentations, whiteboards and web pages while sharing voice and video over the internet with nothing to download. Free for upto 20 persons.

The few services mentioned here is just a drop in the bucket.
To name another few, have a look at:

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