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DIY – How to Register your Domain name yourself.


After a friend call me today and ask me to assist them to register their domain name, I’ve decided to write a post and tell you exactly how you can register your own domain name in a few minutes.
Well in South Africa you can easily pay between R150 to R200 to register your name, by using other companies. If you do it yourself, you pay only R50.00.

Take Note: If you are an eligble Non-Profit organisation in South Africa, you do not need to pay for domain name. It’s for FREE!

Step 1- Check if your domain name is available.

For Non-Profit Organisations – or

  • Check if your domain name is available here.
  • Type or in the provided text box.
  • Press Enter.

For domain names.

  • Check if your domain name is available here.
  • Type in the domain name in the text box.
  • Click Enter.

Step 2 – Obtain DNS Nameserver’s name and IP Addresses

You need a minimum of two independant DNS Nameserver names and IP Addresses.

Use your hosting company

  • Obtain information from your Web hosting company.
  • Note: You need to add your domain name at your host company as a domain or add-on domain before you can proceed.

Use EveryDNS

  • Login or Signup at EveryDNS.
  • For New users: Just choose an username, enter your e-mail address, and passwords for EveryDNS, and click Signup.
  • Enter domain name under Add new domian:(basic) e.g. or
  • Click the >>(basic) button.
  • Your should appear now under the Primary Domains
  • EveryDNS Domain Name Server Details:
    Domain Name Server 1: IP Address:
    Domain Name Server 2: IP Address:
    Domain Name Server 3: IP Address:
    Domain Name Server 4: IP Address:
  • See note how to update EveryDNS with your Web Hosting details.

Step 3 – Register your domain name

For Non-Profit organisations – or

  • Read the ZA Nic Policy for Domain Registrations carefully.
  • If you do agree with the terms, follow these steps:
    Fill in the Registration Form.
    It is pretty straight forward.

    At the Technical Information section you will fill in your Domain Name Servers
    You must fill in at least 2 names.
    Name1: Domain Name Server 1
    IP1: IP Address for Domain Name Server 1
    Name2: Domain Name Server 2
    IP2: IP Address for Domain Name Server 2

  • Double check that the information is filled in accurately.
  • If you do agree with ZA Nic Policy for Domain Registrations click Submit.
  • If there are any errors resulting from the submission of your request, ZA Nic will reply to you by e-mail. Follow the steps again until your request is accepted.
  • It can take a few days before you will get a reply from ZA Nic. You can always check on the Status Page for where your request lies in the queue.

For Registrations

  • Download the application form here.
  • Open this document in your favourite text editor and complete the details.
  • Replace with your actual domain name
  • Only fill in, do not delete any text!!!!
    Section 1:
    1a. Complete domain name:
    1b. Action – [N]ew, [U]pdate, or [D]elete : N

    Section 2:
    Enter your details accurately.
    2a. Domain Registrant: Your Name and Surname or Organisation name
    2b. Registrant Postal address: P.O. Box 111, Town, Postal Code
    2c. Registrant Street address: Street Address, Town, Postal Code

    2e. [I]nvoice or [A]ccount (Default I):I
    2f. Organisation to be billed or account no. :Your Name and Surname or Organisation name
    2g. Email to send invoices to: Your e-mail address

    Item 2i must contain the Postal Address for Tax Invoicing purposes.

    2i. Invoice Addr: Postal Address, Town, Postal Code

    2j. Registrant Phone No.: Telephone No.
    2k. Registrant Fax No. : Fax No. – can leave blank if you don’t have one.
    2l. Registrant e-mail : Your e-mail address

    2n. VAT No. for 2f : Fill in VAT No. or leave blank

    Section 3: You can leave as is.

    Section 4: Fill in the details of the Administrative person. If there is not a person appointed, fill in your details.
    Section 5: Fill in the details of teh Technical person. If there is not a person appointed, fill in your details.

    Section 6: You need to fill in a minimum of 2 names. e.g.:
    Section 6a:
    Section 6b:
    Replace the names with your Domain Name Server names

    Section 9 – Here you can fill in some descriptions in about what the website will be about
    9a. : Commercial

    Section 10 – Fill in the address as stated in Section 2c.

  • Double check that the details are filled in correctly and Save.
  • OK, now you are ready to submit your request.
  • Select all the text in this document, and copy it.
  • Fire up your e-mail program.
  • Compose a new message. Make sure it is in Plain Text Format.
  • To :
  • Subject: New domain
  • In the body of message delete everything if necessary.
  • Paste
  • Click Send.
  • It will take approxiametly 5 minutes before you will get a reply from Uniform SA.
  • If all is fine you will receive a message with the subject COZA: OKAY: New domain "" and an invoice in another message.
  • If there were any errors you will receive an e-mail message stating the error. Correct the error and follow the steps until you succeeded.
  • So all what is left for you to do, is to pay your R50.00 to UNIFORM SA.
  • Their bank details is on their site as well as in the Invoice (sent by e-mail to you).

Note for EveryDNS users:

  • Once you setup a hosting plan with a provider (Host4Africa, Hetzner, Gridhost, etc – there are plenty to choose from), they will provide you with a Shared IP Address.
  • From EveryDNS, login and select your website.
  • Update Your Records: Replace with your actual Domain Name.
    1. Fully Qualified Domain Name:
    2. Record Type: A
    3. Record Value: Shared I.P. Address provided by your Web Host company.
    4. Click Add.
    5. Fully Qualified Domain Name: www
    6. Record Type: CName
    7. Record Value:
    8. Click Add.


Well, in a few easy steps you can register your domain name yourself.
Since I prefer to have total control over the DNS Settings, I prefer to use EveryDNS for local (South African) domains.
For .com domains I prefer to use GoDaddy. It costs $10.69USD or lower.

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