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Don’t you think it is time to switch of the computer and go and play outside?


  1. I was reading your article that is posted here:

    I am tryin to Start and Stop the MySQL server that is on my PC. I am using vb 2008 EE and I have had some practise at using MySQL and VB. I have tried Consolie.WriteLine(“NET STOP MYSQL”) – Nothing I tried your snippet that you have posted. Nothing as well, do you have any other ideas?


    Comment by Scottie | 8 April 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Scottie, did you get any messages? Also do you run MySQL as a service?

      Comment by zellis | 9 April 2010 | Reply

      • Yes. I have both Apache2.2 and MysQL5.1 running as a Service. I have tried using Shell() command. I dont sure what I am doing wrong.

        Comment by Scottie | 13 April 2010

      • what msg do u get if you type at the cmd prompt? net stop MySQL
        Check also under services (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and check the service name for MySQL

        Comment by zellis | 15 April 2010

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