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Firefox Add-On: DOM Inspector

Well, it is no state secret that I am a Firefox fan. It is definite the best Web Browser.

This is such a handy tool for Web developers, especially if you make Themes and Extensions (Add-Ons). You can install it from here. One can inspect in a two page pane the DOM (Document Object Model) of any Web page or XUL (XML User Interface Language – pronounced zool ) window. In other words the structure and the properties of a page or window.

DOM Inspector

DOM – Document Object Model
This is the API (application programming interface) for valid HTML and well-formed XML documents. In other all the tags,e.g.<html> ,<div>, <script>, etc. So the DOM specifies how XML and HTML documents are represented as objects, which enables us to use them in object oriented programs.

XUL – XML User Interface Language
This is is Mozilla’s XML-based language that lets you build applications. Although it is not a an official standard, it relies on the existing Web Standards like CSS, Javascript and DOM. This make it quite easy for Web developers to learn. Read more here at Mozilla’s XUL site.

Another Add-On you can also consider is XPather.

Happy Coding 🙂


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Have a professional looking parked domain site


Parked Domain

Well I was actually looking around for WordPress Themes for my new website, then Ian Stewart' Launchpad gave me a great idea for making a html template for websites that is not quite ready yet.

When you’re getting ready to launch your website, most of the hosting companies and/or registars offers a parked domain, that can turn your site into an advertising campaign for them. I am also not a fan of the "Under Construction" pages.

Now you can park your domain in style!

You can download this template here. The MD5 Sum for this file is e859db95e43656b1ffc8bd909d87dec8

The contains:

  • A Style Sheet: style.css
  • Index Page: index.html
  • RSS Feed File: mysite.rss
  • Readme File: readme.txt
  • Images (Sub-Folder)
    • RSS graphic: rss-icon.png
    • Footer graphic: bar.gif
  • Screenshot: parkeddomain.jpg

I’ve implemented it on my new Web site. Preview it here.

DomainParking Features

  • Professional design and typesetting.
  • Integration with Feedburner
  • GPL Licensed – you can do with it what you want to.

DomainParking Editing Instructions

RSS Feed File
For more info, read the RSS 2.0 Specifications.
You can update the file with your information in any text editor. Remember to save.
Upload the file to your host.
Validate it at
Enter the full URL of your RSS file into the form. Click the button. If there are any errors, the validator will tell you about them. Otherwise, it will validate your file.
Subscribe at http://feedburner/, follow the instruction to get your feedburner links.

The Index File
You can update the file in your favourite html editor or text editor.
Update the page's title with your own.
If you want to use a favicon, make sure to upload your icon to the host and remove <-- Favicon disabled, as well as -->.
If you want to use a logo, make sure to upload your logo imagefile to the host and remove <-- Logo disabled, as well as -->.
In <h1><span>You’ve found </span> zellism.</h1> replace zellism with your name.
In the subscribe-options division, replace the feedburner URI with yours.
Save your file and upload your file to your host.
Head over to to validate your file.
Enter the URL of your HTML file into the form. Click the button. If there are any errors, the validator will tell you about them. Otherwise, it will validate your file.


Now you can have a professional looking parked domain theme.
If you need any more help, feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact me by e-mail.
Hope this will help you to have a professional looking site while it is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".
Best of luck with your website!

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