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Printer – USB Device Not Recognised

Windows was whining today: “USB Device not recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it…”
After uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software it worked for a while and then again: USB Device not recognized, blah, blah, blah….
Tried to use a different USB port, cable, stop and start the print spooler, rebooted with printer off and so on… No luck.
And wallah, the solution:
Created another user, cancel the print, request a new print, but Windows did not want to delete the cancelled print job.
Solution, stop and start the Windows Print Spooler.
Go Start -> Run, Type cmd, click OK.
Type net stop “print spooler” and hit the Enter key
Wait a minute…
Type net start “print spooler” and hit the Enter key
Wait a minute and print something.

Alternatively you can open the Services dialog box.
Go Start, Run, type services.msc, click OK, or go to the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Then Stop and Start the Print Spooler.

Logged off new user, logged backed into my user profile, deleted the new user. And now the printer is printing…

Today I really feel like shouting out: “Welcome to Microsoft Windows. How can I crash your computer today?”

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